60 years

60 years

Hello to everyone!

While our girls are still sleeping very peacefully I thought I would sneek in a blog post before the start of another busy summer day. I am feeling much “blog guilt” these days. My life felt quite organized and within my control a few short weeks ago…and then summer started. A few weeks ago it seemed that my photography season would never get off the ground with all the rain. I can happily say that it has soared since the sun began to shine!

It has been nothing short of crazy around here with daily photo sessions and having our girls home for the summer. The weather has been spectacular (I do welcome the down pour outside my window right now though!) and the family sessions I have had this summer have been incredible. To describe to you the families that I work with is nearly impossible. I think about it and I attempt to explain the people that I meet to others but nothing would do them justice. They have all brought different stories – ages – stages and relationships. I have loved them all and we have made some pretty awesome pictures!

I try to keep up with some preview pictures on my facebook photography page but it’s just too much to keep up on the blog. Come the winter – you will see a lot more on here. Until then – I am going to keep the posts shorter (but not my writing – brevity has never been my strength).

I have written numerous times about the way some sessions affect me. My photosessions are not always just a straight family session – often I am there to document a special occasion. Yesterday I spent the afternoon with one of these “incredible” families that I find hard to describe. They gathered from all over the world to celebrate the marriage of their parents – grandparents and great grandparents. 60 years together. I have not quite seen a couple like this. Young in body – young in spirit and so much in love. The “groom” pulled me aside at the start of the party to show me his wedding album. I was drawn into their day through the photos like I was there 60 years ago. The same look in their eye yesterday was the same look in their eye today…only older. Wiser. And much richer for the life they have lived and the lives they have created.  He told me that he looks through that album every year on their anniversary.

Photos are important. They hold our memories – often stronger than our minds do. They document our life – the happiness – the sadness – the joy and disappointment.

I am finishing off this post in happy tears. Happy that I have been so fortunate to share in such beautiful times in people’s lives. So happy for this couple on their 60th wedding anniversary.

To the bride and groom – cheers!

Much love,





Carola Fritz

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Jeannette Anderson

Celebrating 62 years today. Happy anniversary to my loving and much-loved parents!


Thank you again for the beautiful photos you took two years ago today, Hilary. My parents are celebrating their 62nd anniversary today–and once again Dad has paged through their wedding album to relive that day in July 1951.

We so appreciate your part in adding to the memories.

Beautiful couple you perfectly captured! I loved this and your story behind it!


Thank you for making me cry….love. Max’s Grandparents just celebrated their 65th Anniversary so incredible…a life time of love together!

chris kufske

LOVE LOVE LOVE . I pray to have this connection in 45 years!! An amazing gift of photos you have just given that family.
Ps I really wish i could write as well as you do!! You are the complete pkg my friend!! xo

Absolutely gorgeous Hilary! What a beautiful couple. May they have many more happy years together.

Beautiful and rare. Happy for you that you have these opportunities, Hilary. You get back what you put out. :)

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