Hello to everyone!

Photos are our memory keepers. This is that one phrase that I have been trying to pinpoint since I started my photography business. This is why we love photos so much.

Photos hold our memories. Literally. As we live our lives from day to day we think we remember how our life looks and feels in the moment. But it simply isn’t true. Memories of my childhood are foggy but I can re-live so many of those moments when I look back at old photographs. I re-live our wedding, the birth of my girls, my 30th birthday…the girls loosing their first tooth, the first day of kindergarten…playing in the sand at the beach, picking strawberries. I re-live the memories of my family that is no longer here. I re-live my life through my photos.

I am taking it upon myself this year to take more photos of our life. I am like the plumber with a leaky faucet. I have not kept up with documenting much of my own life the last couple of years.

Our oldest turned 8 earlier this spring.  I will never forget the nurse saying to me as I held her for the first time, “It will all go so fast”. In that moment, I couldn’t comprehend that sentence. The pregnancy felt long, the birth felt even longer. The crying felt like it would never end and I didn’t think I would ever sleep through the night again. Eight years has past since that nurse uttered those words. I now know what she meant.

I dragged my oldest daughter across the street for a few minutes on her eighth birthday. I wanted to be able to look back on this moment. To remember what 8 years old looks and feels like. Peaceful, questioning, beautiful.

These photos are the keepers of my memory…and someday they will hold her memories too. Happy 8th birthday my sweet.

Much love,


GORGEOUS! I know you will look back at these with pride!

These are amazing! love the colours, especially in the first one

Reading this with the photos to follow made me teary eyed. Time does go way too fast and I know how much we will all cherish the photos!!! Beautiful.

This post spoke to me so eloquently and brought a tear to my eye – I feel the exact same way! love love love the portraits!

Such amazing photos of your girl; I especially adore the black & whites!!

Boy does this hit home with me, I’m so bad about this. Your daughter is just beautiful and the images are perfection!

So so true.

Oh wow Hilary, you tugged at my heartstrings with this post! Such incredible wisdom are in your words and now, I want to dedicate the rest of this year to taking more images of my family just “being”. Your images are truly magical too…that last shot is simply perfect!

Your words gave me tears … and so did your photos. She is gorgeous (I can’t believe she is only 8!) and I am so glad you take the time to document her beauty!

Stunning, priceless, perfect. Love all of these.

Seriously, seriously, seriously beautiful Hilary!

Stunning! really stunning! love the last, love the first, just love them all!

Beautiful images! I love how sharp and clean these look!


So sweet, so sincere, so you Hilary!
You always know the right words and you can always capture that perfect picture!
xo Katie

michele roach

Hilary, you are so amazing about both photos and writing, it amazes me… wonderful post for all us who live through gagets and blackberrys etc to make sure to get these photos saved and printed…. ps i almost have my wall done


Oh Hilary…such a beautiful post! Made me tear up! You really are right about the time going by so fast and the pictures holding the memories and keeping them vivid. These pictures are stunning. My favourite is the one of her smiling. Beautiful! xo

she is SO gorgeous, hilary!! i just LOVE her curls!

These are beautiful, Hilary!! I just love the first one. She looks beautiful in purple. :-)

Nancy K

Gorgeous photos of a beautiful girl… you are both very lucky!

Hilary, your posts always make me tear up! How is it that you are so equally gifted in capturing emotion through words as you are through the lens? Your daughter is so beautiful, by the way… What a wonderful memory you captured.

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