Dear Claire,

It’s been almost ten years since I peed on that stick and saw the double pink line. Almost ten years since I raced to my doctors office without an appointment, tears streaming down my face, to confirm that I was pregnant with you.

I will never forget the pain of those contractions, I will never forget your full head of hair and the moment Daddy said, “It’s a girl!”. Our baby girl.

The nurse, Doris, said to me that it would all go by so fast. That you would be grown up before I knew it. I prayed that wasn’t true. I didn’t want this part of my life to go by too fast. I do think back to what Doris said…often. Here it is. Your  9th birthday. The last year you are  in the “single digits”!  It WAS just yesterday that you were pulling on my pants to stand up, saying your first word, learning to skip, moving to the “big girl” bed, starting kindergarten, learning to skate, discovering YOUR voice…

I remember so clearly holding you in the rocking chair a couple of days after you were born. I sobbed the entire afternoon as you slept in my arms. I looked at your little face wondering what your voice would sound like, what you would look like, what you would do in your life. Wishing you all the best life could offer to you. I now know what your voice sounds like, I know what you like and I know the beautiful young girl you are growing up to be.

Happy 9th Birthday Baby Claire.

Mommy loves you. xo



This was the sweetest! Expecting a girl of my own come August, I couldn’t help but shed a few tears while reading your sentiments to your beautiful daughter.

I love this so much!! I love the name Claire too. It’s a family name for us. Beautiful images!


BEAUTIFUL….nothing like making me ball like a baby….Happy Birthday Claire:)


Great post Hilary! This is so cute :)

Hilary, you made me cry. Your daughter is so beautiful! You captured her spirit. My little girl is 8 now and I know what you feel…time is cruel.


How lucky Claire is to have a mommy who commemorates her birthday with not only beautiful photos but also beautiful words! Happy 9th Claire! Hope it’s your best single digit year ever!


Darn you Hil for making me ball and I should be working! So beautiful what you wrote. I can totally relate even though I’m still in the early stages. So many milestones have already come and gone. The love of a daughter. Consumes every ounce of your being and redefines what it means to be alive. To love our children. Still crying….

This brought tears to my eyes – every day I say that I want to freeze Cooper. He’s getting too big, too fast and time is flying by. I don’t want to forget the time when he was brand new – I already miss it! Really lovely post and beautiful photos as always!



So beautiful, Hilary. I cried real live tears. I think many of those same things about little Ivy. What a lovely little lady you’ve raised. xox


Happy 9th Bithday Claire!
May all your wishes come true.
Alison, Eve, Ivy (9 in 2 days), and Grace

Amy Batte

Tears here too! Claire is absolutely beautiful, what a wonderful message for her on her special day.


So absolutely precious Hilary! Beautiful words! Touched my heart! <3 xo Happy Birthday Claire! :)

This made me so teary, such beautiful images of your daughter. It does go by wayy too fast *sniffles*

Happy Birthday Claire! What beautiful photos you have to always remember what turning 9 looked like !

What a stunner! Such sweet words… brought a couple tears to the surface. Happy Birthday Claire.

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