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Kids Camera Course – Group 3



What I learned that I loved…

“I learned to be creative with my photos and that there is something to be captured in every moment.”

“The thing that stood out most was the talk about lighting and how on a proper angle you can get just the right amount of lighting.”

“Everything I learned was awesome!”

“I learned how to use ISO and shutter speed and aperture.”

What I learned that I loved…

“Learning about the different techniques for light in pictures was cool.”

“I loved learning about lighting and background light.”

“I learned to rim light instead of allowing haze.”

What I learned that I loved…

“How to take better photos!”

“How to position objects off center to be creative and focused with blur behind.”

“I enjoyed learning about the lighting for portraits of faces and how to bring out the details.”





Sharon Hiscock Kennedy

do you know when you will be having another kids course?

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Kids Camera Course – Group 2



What I learned that I loved…

“The coolest thing I learned all the things could be different styles.”

“I loved learning about lenses.”

“I learned so much about all the elements that you can use!”

What I learned that I loved…

“Everything I learned was cool!”

“Learning how to take photos with the camera!”

“I learned that taking a really good picture is not that hard.   As long as you set it properly, it’s super easy.”

What I learned that I loved…

“Sometimes particles show in pictures!”

“I learned that a camera can take 11 frames per second.”






Jen Kashak

“I learned that taking a really good picture is not that hard. As long as you set it properly, it’s super easy.” – I wouldn’t hire that kid to do your advertising. 😉 Seriously, the kids did a great job with their photos!

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through your eyes…camera courses for kids

I have been looking forward to this post all summer. The first Through Your Eyes Camera Course for Kids. I find it hard to believe that six months ago this was just a vision and a dream of mine and now it is rooted in real life.

I hardly know where to start to express how much meeting these young souls has affected my life. How much this calling has fulfilled me. Each and every young person has made me smile, made me think and made me love what I do even more.

Listening to each of their thoughts and watching their own visions with the camera has been a fascinating experience for me. I take great pride in what I have introduced to all of their lives and I look forward to watching their journeys…whatever they may become.

Thank you for coming to see me and giving me this great gift.

Much love and gratitude,

Hilary xo

 Many thanks to Danielle Earl for assisting during these courses! And a HUGE thank you to Nikon for generously supporting this program by lending us the cameras to use. I don’t know how I could ever thank you enough. 



What I learned that I loved….

“Now I know I like taking flower pictures.”

“I learned how to shoot from different perspectives.”

I really liked learning about the exposure triangle because I think it can improve my pictures.”

What I learned that I loved…

“How to work in sun and shade.”

“That there are all different types of photography.”

What I learned that I loved…

“There is much more to learn that just taking pictures.”

“I liked learning about aperture!”

“I like how you can read a person story by looking at a photo.”



Contact for the next camera course dates!



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through your eyes….camera courses for kids

Today my latest personal project comes to life.

And before I get to all of the details I must tell you the story of how this came to be! You know how much I love to tell the behind story on everything:)

My first inspiration for this course was a little girl I photographed last summer named, Sara. She tagged me in a sweet photo of herself behind a big ol’ Nikon camera that she posted to my facebook page and said that she wanted to be a photographer just like “me and her Dad”. Her dad is a second generation school photographer. Sara’s Mom said that Sara came home from our session with a different view for her lens than the one that she had been used to seeing. This was followed by another message from a wonderful client of mine whose daughter had also become interested in photography and did I know of anyone giving courses. Hmmmm…..

Then in the fall, I was asked to speak to a highschool group for an arts and culture career day. This opportunity opened my eyes up to something wonderful. A sea of young faces. Hungry for information. Full of dreams. This lead to another four speaking engagements in local schools for youth aged 12 to 17. This experience reminded me how much I loved public speaking and that working with young people was the direction I wanted to go.

So began the planning for Through Your Eyes.

I have always had a very strong relationship with the people at Nikon. Our relationship began when one of my images was chosen for a national television ad over three years ago. Amanda and her team at Nikon have always treated me very well and been there when I needed it (and there have been some occasions let me tell you!). Knowing that not all children have access to cameras I sent a late night e-mail to Amanda explaining to her what I wanted to do. Without hesitation Amanda replied back that she wanted to meet with me.

NPS (Nikon Pro Service) has graciously agreed support this program by donating a camera to each child for the day. This allows children that don’t have access to a camera to be able to explore any interest they might have in photography. Thank you Nikon! I truly appreciate everything you have done for me this last four years. Proud Nikon girl here:)

I am most excited to share my passion for photography and everything in the world that can be photographed with these young people. I hope to inspire the way they SEE their own world…through their eyes.

I would like to close by saying that ALL proceeds from this first course will be donated to the Bosma family. They hold a special place in my heart. 

Much love always, 





Krestena Sullivan

I hope you’re still doing this when Quinn is old enough…she would love it!

Sheri Ruby

We’d like two spots for this course. The girls are 13 and 14 years old. How do I register?

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