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Sarah + Tyler Wedding Day!

July 20th, 2015. Wedding Day.

When Sarah and Tyler got engaged a year and a half ago this wedding seemed far away…it’s a year and a half away! Then it was a year, then a few months, to a few weeks and now…one more sleep.

Sarah and Tyler’s wedding has been on my mind all week but driving around today preparing for tomorrow I have thought about it a lot. And my nose begins to twitch. That is my signal that tears are not far behind.

I met Sarah over 10 years ago. It’s a story worth sharing.

I was working for Labatt Breweries and had two little girls. One still in diapers. Sarah worked at a store close to my home that did photo printing, commercial printing, graphic design etc. I was what you would call a “regular”. Not yet aware of what my future had in store I would come in weekly with discs of pictures to print of my family and friends. I documented it all and I printed my brains out. Literally….hundreds and hundreds of photos. Sarah was there most of the time so we would talk and laugh and talk some more. Then Sarah left and went travelling with Tyler. Then she came back. Then she left again…this time to pursue her own business (which is now the hugely successful The Design Truth). We stayed in touch and we worked together on various volunteer initiatives within KW over the years. I have been Sarah’s client and still am. But most importantly she is my friend. She joked about me photographing her wedding years ago. I told her she had to hurry up as I was not getting any younger. Well, that day is here. It will be full of sunshine, laughter and beauty. Everything that she is.

Much love to you Sarah and Tyler.

I am honoured to be photographing your wedding.

Hilary xo

Engagement 18 copy
Engagement 12
Engagement 06 copy
Engagement 36 copy
Engagement 33 copy
Engagement 17 copy

Sarah Mueller

I finally got the chance to read this!!! Can’t believe the big day has come and gone. We are so lucky to have you photograph our engagement and wedding photos. You definitely out did yourself and went beyond expectation! You are so talented and I’m so lucky to have a fun, lovely and inspiring friend like you xoxo. Thanks again for making our day extra special!

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fall love

Hello to everyone!

As most of you know I specialize in children, families and commercial photography. Although I have second shot close to 40 weddings I don’t often find myself as the lead photographer. When brides contact me I am more than happy to pass along the names of great local photographers. That being said…there are a couple of times a year when a wedding comes my way that I take a moment to think about it. This was one of those times. I photographed a wedding in this family a year ago and when it came time for this couple to find their photographer they kindly thought of me.

I adore this couple and I am in love with the family that they come from. I actually asked them if I could become an honorary member. My connection with this family came from a family shoot of another member (oh I know – all so complicated!) and now after being at a second major family event I feel like a small part of their family story. I am grateful that you thought of me. I am happy I said yes.

Young. Beautiful. And deeply in love. Not hard to photograph. Not much to say about these two. They speak without having to be spoke about.

Much love,


I just love your work. The emotion is so beautiful here!

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Hello to everyone!

I am a wee bit heartbroken that I had to postpone 5 highly anticipated shoots this weekend! It’s the top o’ the season so there is lots of time to catch up. I was simply looking forward to them:) Next weekend is going to be a busy one….let’s just hope Mama Nature has the grey and cold out of her system!

It’s no secret how much I love the connections between people. I am plain old in love – with love. You may remember this beautiful woman from a “trash the dress” session we had over a year ago. She returned with her beloved and their dog for some family photos. I always love my time with you. Nothing means more to me than to see my clients (turned friends) time and time again. Looking forward to seeing your family grow.

Much love,


Lisa Copland

Hilary these are stunning! I love them. I really want to bring our dog next time you shoot the girls – hopefully by the winter a bit more of the “puppy” will be out of her and we can count on her to behave as nicely as this one did!

These are so beautiful! Love the emotion and location!

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love sweet love

Hello to everyone!

It’s January 19th and it’s finally snowing. I cannot deny that I have been very happy that I was in my hunter rain boots up until yesterday. With all of the spring and summer bookings lately I can’t help but want winter to be over quickly. But that will make me that much closer to 39 so I will embrace the winter months!

I have promised myself that blogging will become a higher priority for me this year. So, here we go.

I don’t often photograph couples. But I should. I have written much about how important it is to see and feel the connection between people when you are photographing them. The connection that Kristen and Steve had was simply incredible. It was not one I needed to look for.

This is what love is.

Thank you Kristen and Steve for the little reminder. I adore you both and truly hope to photograph your wedding in a sunny destination in the years to come.

Much love on this snowy day,






These photos are so beautiful!!

Melissa Avey

These photos are so beautiful!

You have quickly become one of my very favorite photographers! Your work is so lovely! Beautiful job as always!

what a fun session…and beautiful couple!!

Oh, wow! These are incredible. Love all the poses, the lighting, the composition and the processing.
New fan here!!!

what an adorable couple! so sweet! wonderful capture of their love.

These are gorgeous!! Absolutely Stunning! The couple looks like they’re having tons of fun!

Such a cute couple! You did a wonderful job capturing them together!

I love these, great captured connections and what a sweet couple!

Beautiful couple and amazing session! Love them all!

I always love your work, Hilary and this session is just lovely! These two look so happy and in love. What a wonderful job you did!!

these are absolutely gorgeous! love love love the ones of them walking

These are beautiful Hilary!! I absolutely love them!! You’ve captured such candid real moments between this couple!!
P.S. I am in Alberta and we’ve been enjoying this mild winter as well!

Love all the laughter, perfect!

BEAUTIFUL job! These are so fun and playful and full of love. :)

Oh I just how the love and joy are exploding off the screen in these! Love them!

OMG these are so so perfect! love your processing – the location, the fun candid feel – everything!

I adore these!! They looked like they had a lot of fun and you can really feel the love :) Gorgeous work!

Stunning work, and such a beautiful couple, and YES! photograph more couples, you rocked these!

what a beautiful session (and couple) You capture so much connection between them. That last picture is my favorite. So much love, you can feel it.

what a beautiful session (and couple) You capture so much connection between them.

Wow!! They look like so much fun! The light in these images is just amazing! Just beautiful!!

What an adorable couple! The light is so beautiful. Love the shadow shot too!


Oh my goodness! I absolutely adore this session! What a beautiful couple and what a fantastic job you did of capturing their love!

These are superb! Can’t find a single thing about them I don’t like, and I adore the emotion you caught!

WOW these are absolutely amazing. Great job! They are a super cute couple, too. :)

WOW these are amazing! Great job! They are so cute.

Absolutely gorgeous!

You are absolutely right – you didn’t have to *look* for the love and connection – it is so tangible in these photos! I loved each one! Great job!! Beautiful couple!

I just love the love between them. Makes my heart swoone!

Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous!!

These are absolutely perfect! You are so talented!

These are stunning. The lighting and processing is gorgeous. Beautiful couple.

These are downright gorgeous Hilary!! Love the light, the beautiful interaction, and the romance.

love these! The light is great, the interactions perfect.

Love the interactions you’ve captured and all the great light. Especially love the one with the shadows…really cool!

You need to photograph more couples…these images are gorgeous!

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