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loving late fall

Late Fall. My second most favourite time of the year to photograph in outside of my most coveted August.

Cooler temperatures, rich colours and a beautiful family made this Friday evening perfect. Thank you for settling into the rain, sun and wind and showing me what your love is all about.

Much love and gratitude,

Hilary xo 



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Lisa Copland

The sisters photo, shot from above? Perfection!

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i heart faces conference 2013

WARNING…LONG post. Yes…heading off into a tangent (the girls at IHF now know what that is).

Dear I Heart Faces Conference Attendees,

This post is for you.

It really is hard to believe that I am writing this wrap up post for the 2013 I Heart Faces photography conference that was held last weekend near Columbus, Ohio. It was a year ago that Angie and Amy asked me so kindly to be a part of the speaking and teaching team. I accepted this opportunity because it was Angie and Amy… was for I Heart Faces.

Weeks of preparation behind the scenes by a small team of us got me ready for this conference. I could not have done it without them…Gillian, Mandy, Brittany, Alex and Jen. I have the most incredible women around me. I am so  blessed and grateful. Thank you all. xo

The week leading into the conference I woke up with a constant flutter of nerves in my tummy. I have done more public speaking in the last year but I still had a few jitters about standing amongst a group of photography peers to talk about my journey for the very first time. However, my greatest anxiety came from wanting so desperately  to NOT fail any of you. I wanted each of you to take away one thing that would make you think…whether it be a marketing strategy, a shooting tip or simply and most importantly a stronger belief in yourselves that you CAN make your photography dreams happen.

To say that I gave it all I had was an understatement. That first morning of talks when my room filled and I looked out onto my “sea of photographers”  I was speechless inside (clearly not on the outside though….ha ha). To see you nod your heads, tear up and walk away with new hope made me the happiest person alive that day. I am grateful for every single one of you. Everyone that came to hear the talks. Everyone that took the time to speak to me, write me and stay in touch since we left. And to those who gave those Canadian Lays ketchup chips a try!

I won’t ever forget any of you and the experience you gifted me as a person. I do hope to see you all again someday.  A big thank you to my conference helpers too!

Dear Conference Speakers and Leaders,

Where do I start to express the pure gratitude and love I feel for all of you? (Big lump in throat as I type this) I walked into the room that Thursday night before it all began not knowing anyone but Angie and Amy. I was over tired (we won’t go into the GPS freezing story thing…), anxious and in awe of the talent that sat in that room. You ALL made this middle aged Canadian gal from Waterloo, Ontario feel welcome, equal and cared for within minutes. To say that I am lucky isn’t enough. You are some of the kindest, most talented and genuine people I have ever met in this industry. I am beaming proud to call you all friends and I look forward to keeping in touch with you all! I feel connected to each of you for different reasons and each of those reasons is very special to me. We are so fortunate that we were brought together by two amazing women. Good people attract good people. End of story.

Dear Angie and Amy,

There isn’t any way to properly thank you for giving me this opportunity. You believed in me before I believed in myself. I will never forget this. Ever. You have brought the winds of positivity into my journey and have given me the chance to inspire others as I have been inspired by great people that have been with me along the way. I look forward to all that is ahead of us. Thank you thank you thank you.

And to my Jess and Melissa,

None of this would ever have happened if it weren’t for that photography workshop we attended three years ago this August in Ohio. Not knowing a soul there; bonding each night at Starbucks in that cute little town. It was the best $3000 I ever spent:) I have appreciated every ounce of your friendship and support. I have roomed with you both now and I can say that it’s a good thing ONE of us keeps their crap in the corner!!!! I look forward to the next time I see you both. You are lights in my photography life.

Dear Families,

I am honoured that you chose me to work with. You all made my job so easy. Beautiful children, loving connections and patience. The light followed me to Ohio…and I could not have been happier to have shared this experience with each of you. I am looking forward to you having your images as a little reminder of our time together. And to my most amazing family from Georgia…I still cannot believe you came all that way for photos with me! Your appreciation and gratitude is overwhelming. You ALL remind  me of the very clients that I am so fortunate to work with here in Ontario. You fit right in! xo

One last thank you. Karen. My new Ontario photographer friend. Thank you for enduring our 6 hour drive turned 11 hours on Thursday, for listening to me practice all of my talks in the car and then attending every single one of them…even though you heard the material. And for getting us home safely through 6 hours of pouring rain so that I could allow my brain and body to let go. Best part is…you are here. xo

Journey on ladies and hold tight to our experience together.

I will see you again next year?….EH?:)

Hilary xo

A few iphone snaps from our 3 days together at the Cherry Valley Lodge!



My amazing families….

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Kelli Taylor

So sad I couldn’t be there! You are so talented Hilary, anybody would be lucky to learn from you!

Adrienne Zwart

Hilary, it was such an honor to meet you! I’m so glad I was able to sit in on one of your classes. I look forward to seeing you again next year!

Caylee Secretan

Thank you Hilary for sharing your talent with us, I loved all of your classes! Hello from the other side of Canada ~ so glad we met! :)

Angie Arthur

Reading this meant the world to me Hilary! I still think back to the first day we met and instantly clicked…so thankful to have you in my life!

Karen Meissner

Hilary, It was wonderful to meet/drive/adventure with you. Thanks for everything. Your words mean more than you know. I have big, big plans now!

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Looking back 2011

Hello to everyone!

I sat down at my computer mid afternoon today (after a hefty sleep in with Kate and a couple of hours reading the Steve Jobs biography). I turned on my new tv (a gift from my fam for my office!). And I began to sort through photos.

I have not gotten dressed. I have watched Wedding Crashers almost twice (I am currently half way through for the second time). I have watched 27 Dresses twice through and cried at the ending once. I have eaten a bag of chips, a plate of philo pastry appetizers left over from last night and a bowl of my favourite ice cream; mint chocolate chip.

I have sifted through hundreds of familiar faces today. I have given much thought to you all over the last few hours. I have done my best to get as many of you in here as possible! I will be blogging these family shoots in their entirety in the weeks to come.

Any thoughts I had that I didn’t do enough this year are gone and replaced with a lot of pride tonight:)

So what did I do in 2011….

– started off the year in NYC taking a course with the most kind and creative soul,  Shannon Sewell. (SO excited to have Shannon back again this summer for another workshop and more girl time!)

– worked with the insanely talented, Jordan Pressault, to have a video made about the importance of photos in our lives (you can click on the video heading above to see it!)

– introduced a new One for the Wall logo, colours, blog layout and information packages

– launched a newborn photography business with my most incredible friend and business partner, Angela Smith, called Along Came Baby

– had my work published in 3 magazines and a book

– worked with Tonia Jahshan to photograph the Steeped Tea 2011 catalogue

– won first place in the NACAP international image competition (babies category)

– was featured on the Melanie Ashcraft photography blog and Kelsey’s Andersen’s Evoking You blog

– hosted Shannon Sewell here in Ontario for a children’s photography workshop (this was a highlight for sure!)

– attended a phenomenal two day photography workshop in Toronto with Silvana of Impulse photography. Here I met some really amazing friends that I keep in touch with to this day!

– Ang and I were the official photographers in the Canadian Country Music Award gift lounge hosted by Raj of Fronte and Senter Communications (meeting Richard Marx and Chantal Kreviazuk were highlights!)

– rounded out the year with  a road trip to Michigan with Wendy MacKrimmon to the HER photography conference. There I re-united with fellow photographer friends Jessica Paige and Melissa Hutchinson. I was so fortunate to have met and become friends with Angie Arthur and Amy Locurto of I Heart Faces. (Looking foward to having them here this spring for a photographers retreat!)

But most importantly I photographed close to 200 families in 2011. I saw many faces for the second and third time. I also met many new faces this year. Ones that I look forward to seeing again in 2012.

I continue to be amazed by the people that I meet and the stories I hear. I am touched by people’s kindness and appreciation for the work that I do. Looking back on this year I can say with confidence that I know why I do what I do. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I also want to thank all of the wonderful photographer friends (both “old” and new) for being so kind and supportive. I often wonder what I did to deserve the people I have in my life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for another beautiful year. I look forward to what 2012 holds.

Much love and appreciation,


I love them all! I’m in Ottawa so could I be added to the list of invitees for the workshop with Angie and Amy?? Please? :)

Jennifer Potter

A beautiful year for you! Your work has been the biggest inspiration to me. Every smile,, every backlit golden moment is completely who I believe you are. Thank you for being a photographer that follows their “gut” and their heart… You are an original Hilary…,, and one of the best :)

such beautiful work! love love love

Congrats on a wonderful year! So many beautiful images! You are so talented!

What an incredible year you have had, I love your work!

Congratulations Hilary on an amazing 2011! It was a pleasure to meet you in 2010 and watch your art & business skyrocket! Well deserved for all your hard work! Wishing you an even better 2012!


What an amazing year. Congrats. xoxoxoxoxo


Honestly! You have some of the most beautiful models to photograph. I have never seen such a collection of beautiful families!!!

Congratulations Hilary on an amazing 2011! It was a pleasure to meet you in 2010 and watch your art & business skyrocket! Well deserved for all your hard work! Wishing you an even better 2012!


What a wonderful look back, Hilary! You are so kind, talented and truly visionary. You deserve all the goodness that comes your way.

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shannon sewell workshop

Hello to everyone!

I still cannot believe that Shannon has been here and gone again. In January I boarded a train with my mom and sister bound for New York to meet Shannon and take her workshop. That trip will always be one of my favourite memories in life. Photographing in Times Square (in temperatures that were obscene) and hanging out with Shannon at the W hotel talking shop. It was only a matter of days upon arriving home that I asked Shannon to come to Ontario. She happily answered yes!

So here I sit a week after our workshop writing you about our time with Shannon. We could not have asked for better weather, workshop attendees and location for a workshop. The workshop was held at the beautiful Westover Inn in St. Mary’s, ON (a charming and picturesque town). The owners and staff of the Inn were beyond amazing to us. Thank you for making our experience so fabulous!

We had a great day listening to Shannon talk about her photography journey and creative vision. Shannon collaborated with Lisa’s Mini Mad Hattery and ZoZoBugBaby to come up with the most incredible outfits for our models!

We would like to thank the following vendors for donating their amazing products to our workshop and a big thank you to Ang for helping out behind the scenes with so many of the details of the day!

Jessica Paige of One Willow Presets

Flavour Cakes

Little Lainie Headbands 

Baby P Designs

Photography Props by Lori Limburg

Henry’s Canada 

The Essential Image

To the wonderful photographers that attended the workshop – thank you for bringing your most genuine self. You were a fantastic group of honest, kind and fun photographers.

STAY TUNED…Shannon is coming back next August!!! We are looking to do a workshop or two in either the Toronto or Niagara area. I won’t say I can’t wait (because that will make me almost 39) but I will say that we are ecstatic that Shannon might just bring her whole family next time. Looking forward to it!!

And to Shannon. I am so happy our paths in life have crossed. I loved our truly “girl” time with you and Ang. It has been way too long since I sat with great friends and chatted until after midnight. Something I must make more room for. Thank you for your kindness and unique perspective on life. I simply adore you and I look forward to seeing you again….xo


Thank you to Ang for taking these beautiful photos of the Inn.

Our sweet models.

Cupcakes by the crazy talented Diane of Flavour Cakes. Her visionary idea to print photos on fondont and make mini cameras! SO COOL!

More wonderful memories:) Miss u.

Looks like an amazing, amazing time!

wow!! your colors and clarity are spectacular. seems like such fun!!

what a great opportunity! gorgeous images, hillary!

What a positively fantastic experience! Love seeing all these photos, especially the ones from behind the scenes. :)

Wow! What an awesome opportunity! Wish I would have been there.

Wow! what a gorgeous collection of photos! It was such a pleasure creating outfits for this workshop! Thank you Shannon and thank you all up in my homeland Canada!

I wish I would’ve been there!

Gail Karges

What a great day!! Lilly and I had so much fun!!! It almost makes me want to stop taking pictures on my Blackberry and by a “Real Camera”!! You are all soooooo talented!! Much love to all the photographers from Lilly and I!!! xxoo

ahhh!!! so love seeing these and i miss you guys alreay (can’t wait for august!!). i can’t thank you enough for having me out and how amazing you and Ange are/were… THANK YOU!!!!


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Canadian Country Music Awards 2011

Hello to everyone!

Angela and I are very excited to bring you today’s post! We were both very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be the official gift lounge photographers for Raj of Fronte and Sentre Communications at this year’s Canadian Country Music Awards. They were held on Monday September the 12th in Hamilton at the Copps Coliseum. The gift lounge that Raj and her amazing team (especially Lorie) organized for the talent was fabulous! For two days the talent browsed the booths and were introduced to so many fantastic vendors and their products. The kindness shown by everyone was heart warming. What an incredible experience for everyone involved. We loved working with you all and hope to see you again next year:)

You all loved the photobooth right? We certainly did!

Jaydee Bixby, Jimmy Rankin, Tessa Bonhomme, Paul Brandt, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, David Pelletier,  Brad MatesChantal Kreviazuk, Ladies of the Canyon, Jim Cuddy band, The Heartbroken, High Valley,  Emerson Drive, The Stellas, Doc Walker, Meet the WilsonsGeorge Canyon, Codie Prevost, Victoria Banks, Deric Ruttan, Tara Oram, Kirsten Jones, Charlie Major, Johnny Reid, Gord Bamford, Richard Marx,Chad BrownleeTenille, Jason McCoyAlee, Jim CressmanTerri Clark, Hey Romeo, Dean Brody, Jason Blaine.

We would also like to give a shout out to the social media lounge “tweeters” who kept us updated on all the action! Amanda of Inspire Marketing, Lisa of Countryfied Canada and Cam of Uncorked.


The sponsors and their AMAZING products!

We encourage you to check out their facebook pages and their websites for more information!

The Bean Ladies. This is now Ang’s number one go to snack food.


CARGO – Natural Beauty Products


We LOVED Cinder and Sage! These locket necklaces are one of a kind.


Beyond the Batter. Amazing name, amazing cupcakes and simply amazing women.


Ear Curls. The coolest earrings we have ever seen! Russ and Shirley – we loved you!


Countryfied Clothing Inc. If you like country you will love these unique t-shirts!


Hollywood Eye Magic. Cheryl is a complete doll and YES this works!


Taslie. Amazing natural and organic skincare for babies and children.


Edge Advantage.  The sweetest ladies! Loving their bracelets that give you positive energy and help the health of your body.


Eucalan. Fantastic natural laundry detergents made locally in Paris, Ontario. We love it!


Weaver Distribution Agencies Ltd. The lovely ladies at Good Works had these amazing bracelets that not only look cool but help many charities.


Pearl and Daisy. Awesome awesome naturally handcrafted soap and skincare products. Made in Nova Scotia and run by two super cool ladies.


Shawna Erback. You must go to her website and see her work. She is incredibly talented. She gave Angela and I each a print for our daughters. Something we will always cherish.


SheBella. FUN FUN ladies with gorgeous clothing and accessories!


Steeped Tea. We cannot rave enough about Tonia and her fabulous tea company. You have not had tea until you have tried hers!


Tear Drop Weddings. You have never seen wedding invitations, stationary and buttons like these. Holly draws them all herself. All the talent LOVED this booth!


M Thompson Chocolates. Mint smoothies. Need we say more? Marnie and her husband Alvin are class act people that know their chocolate and they ship!


Wild Prairie. Edmonton’s only in-store soaperie! They make natural bath and beauty products.


MAC. Loving this table!

Tim Hortons. Deric Ruttan loving his Timmies!

All of the talent were so kind to the sponsors!

 Raj of Fronte and Sentre Communications. Raj and her husband own this dynamic marketing and communications company. Raj and her team spent an enormous amount of time putting the lounge together for everyone. Angela and I would like to thank you for having us participate in your event and we look forward to working with you again. Raj is working on some big things…you can keep up with her on facebook at Fronte and Sentre Communications fan page.


And what would those two days be like if we didn’t jump in front of our cameras a few times. Best memory for me was meeting Chantal Kreviazuk. Perhaps I could photograph her boys someday:)

Angela is doing her usual goofy face with Codie Prevost. An incredibly talented and kind rising Canadian country music star. Angela being goofy again with country star George Canyon. And me with Richard Marx. Yes Richard Marx. Pretty cool moment in my life:) Very kind person with so much talent.


How fun!!!! Some of those treats look fabulous!

Fantastic shots and what and amazing thing to be part of!

Wow, what an amazing opportunity to meet some incredible people! I am a huge country music fan!!


what an amazing opportunity for two amazing photographers! WAY TO GO GIRLS!

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