Introducing WINC! (Women’s Inc.)

Introducing WINC! (Women’s Inc.)

Hello to everyone!

We are thrilled to introduce WINC! Short for Women’s Inc. Angela and I are both proud members of this fantastic women’s business networking group that was launched by our good friend, Candice, early last year.  It is a group of entrepenerial women with an array of professions. We meet every two months over a glass (or two) of wine to talk about our lives – both personal and professional. We turn to one another when we are in need of a service that one of us offers. We help one another to build our dreams. But most importantly – we laugh. A lot. And this night was no exception. Angela and I came up with the idea to host a night with the photobooth and have everyone come out with props to showcase their businesses. I cannot tell you how much we laughed.  (I am sure my husband attempting sleep one floor above us could!).
I introduce to you some of the wonderfully talented and beautiful members’ of K/W’s WINC!  We are always open to new faces as well – contact us if you are interested in joining WINC!

This is Leanne. She is an incredibly intelligent chartered accountant. She and her husband, Ryan, own a business that provide accounting and tax services to individuals and small to medium sized business. You can find her at Bell Chartered Accountants.

This is Angela. A wonderfully talented and creative wedding photographer and designer. You can find her at Angela Smith photography.

This is Jennifer. She is a certified interior decorator. Jennifer opened her business last year and you can contact her at

This is Fiona. She is an out-of-this-world cook and has a private dining business. You can contact her at

This is Lynette. She is a beautiful cake and yummy cookie maker. You can find her goodies at Sugar Tree Cakes and Cookies for all of your special occasions.

This is Hailey. She works at Beauty Systems Group. And YES she is getting married this year!

This is Silvia. She has numerous things on the go! Not only does she work for a large hair care company but she helps her husband run a hockey magazine and has started her own photography business. You can find their businesses at ICE magazine and Flashlife Photography.

This is me. And from this series of pictures…I am not sure what it is that I do. Professional cheeseball?!

This is Kerri. She is an outgoing pilates instructor with Bedrock Pilates.

This is Candice. She is the founder of WINC and a successful Investment Advisor. You can reach her at

You crack me up. These are funny!


Love this Hilary !!! :)

Ok I love everything about this!!! :-) so so cool and creative – thanks for sharing!

Fabulous headshots!

Those are SO AWESOME!!


So hilarious!! Great job girls, you captured all of us perfectly! It was a fun night wasn’t it?! Thanks again!

I love the photo strips-so awesome! I want to be in the cool kids group too :)


WOW!! I just LOVE this post!!! You talented women just ROCK!!
Great work AGAIN Hilary!!!

I’m so excited to see these finally! The anticipation has been kiling me but totally worth it. We had such a great time that night.
Thanks again for doing these for us ladies!


How fun was that! Totally enjoyed the pics and info. Girls groups r the best!! Tons of talent and source of strength.

These turned out sooo great! LOL! You girls did a wonderful job, thanks for everything!

lol! These are awesome! So much fun! Love your pics and the cake pics! Priceless!

What an AWESOME way to showcase these talented ladies! Love all the photos – they’re fabulous!


Amazing job Hil! Everyone looks great. Thank you for all your effort. Love it.

What a cute series, looks like a fun group!


I’m totally digging this what a wonderful idea!


Wow this is AWESEOME!!!! I love it!

I absolutely love every single one of these! What a perfect way to portray this great group of women!


These are great!!! I love them they are so full of energy! :)

Love that you captured everyone’s personalities and jobs. Much better than a boring old head shots. This group sounds fun. Wish I lived nearby!

This photo strip idea is so wonderful. I love how you captured all of their personalities. Awesome job, and looks like you ladies had a blast!!!!

What an awesome group of women! These images are hilarious, love them!

How totally cute! What a great way to get a (fun!) visual on what these talented ladies do. Great, great job!

Oh my goodness, this is SOOO Fun!! I love these fun images!!

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