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Jilly Charts

Hello to everyone!

Is winter over yet?!!!
Here is something to warm your soul…

Meet Jill and her son, Jack. I had the opportunity to take Jill’s family pictures on a beautiful summer afternoon last year. She and her husband are incredibly sweet and loving together. Their children are simply wonderful.
A few month’s ago I ran a contest for my clients and asked them to post one of their favourite photos from our session. I was absolutely touched to receive this comment under Jill’s submission.

” We had never had family photos taken before and we were worried about how Jack would handle the experience. Jack has Aspergers and was in a funk when he found out about the pics. Hilary was amazing with him. I don’t know too many photographers that would give their camera to a 6 year old and teach them how to use it. You were able to show the world the spirit within him, that is all to frequently shadowed with anxiety and turbulence. This is my favourite pic because it truly captures his innocence and love”.

I was in tears after reading this.

Then a couple of months ago, I was reading our local paper and saw Jill in the business section. She had opened an online business called, Jilly Charts. I knew right away that I wanted to write about Jill’s amazing new business…inspired by her son Jack. Here is a little about her what her business offers!

JillyCharts.com offers a wide variety of professionally designed visual aids and customizable and personalized charts for children of all ages. Research has shown that giving children responsibilites can enhance self esteem and create a stronger family support system. Providing simple tasks with the opportunity for success is beneficial to all aspects of child development. In the home, at school or at daycare, all children can benefit from clear, easy to understand visual aids that allow them to interpret, understand and implement the actions required to achieve a goal and to independence.  JillyCharts.com provides aesthetically pleasing designs that are highly functional and something your child can take pride in.  The use of visual aids is also recommended for children with such disorders as Aspergers, ADHD and classic autism, as they can facilitate communication and understanding. Whether it’s trying to break a bad habit, potty training, chores or promoting acceptable behaviours, there are a wide variety of downloadable products and new ones are always being added.

All the best to you Jill in your new business! What you are offering is an incredible resource for those affected by and living with Aspergers, ADHD and autism. I look forward to watching your business grow and seeing your incredible family again soon:)

Please feel free to share this link with anyone you think might benefit from Jill’s products!

Much love,


OMG Hilary! You are too kind. You’re support has been overwhelming. You are such a gifted person and your amazing spirit shines through, not only your pictures, but your words and actions too. Thank-you so much for providing me with inspiration. I truly look up to you and admire what a wonderful person you are. We look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! Much love!


These are lovely Hilary!

LOVE those shots – esp. the last one – beautiful.

love that mom & son shot…

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